Irrigation System Repair in Sachse

Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation is proud to offer prompt and reliable irrigation system services in Sachse. If your lawn sprinkler system is leaking, damaged or not helping you conserve water, we’re here to help. From quick sprinkler valve repairs to a complete system overhaul, we offer a wide range of irrigation repair services. We’re proud to serve businesses of all sizes.

Quality Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair

Landscaping projects, property expansions and dramatic weather events can damage your irrigation system. If your irrigation system is no longer working the way you want it to, you can count on Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation to solve the problem. We’re experts at getting your system back in top shape so you can enjoy effortless lawn maintenance.

Our services range from patching leaks to replacing pop-up sprinkler heads. We're qualified to perform sprinkler valve repairs and other electrical troubleshooting. When trees mature, it’s a good idea to reroute the irrigation pipes away from its roots. We can take care of it!

From the moment you call us, we work hard to exceed your goals. Our quality replacement parts will help your irrigation system last long into the future. No matter the irrigation repair project, we bring incredible attention to detail.

Seasonal Irrigation System Maintenance

At the end of the watering season, it’s important to prepare your irrigation system for Sachse’s winter. Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation’s technicians offer comprehensive winterization services to protect your pipes. Although most irrigation systems include drains, it’s always prudent to blow out your system to make sure that there’s no water left in the pipes when the cool temperatures hit. If not properly winterized, sitting water in your irrigation system can cause costly problems in the spring.

When spring does arrive, we perform full tune-ups and make sure your sprinkler system is ready to get back to work. After months of disuse, you want to make sure your system is still in top shape. We’ll unclog sprinkler heads and make sure all your components are fully functional. We’ll also inspect your backflow prevention device.

Irrigation System Optimization

If you’re looking to improve water conservation, consider an irrigation system upgrade. We can replace controllers, sprinkler heads and valves to improve efficiency and reduce water waste. The process starts with a thorough inspection of your system. By upgrading your irrigation system, you can save water and still enjoy a beautiful lawn. It's also great way to save money in the long-term.

Experienced Irrigation Repair Contractors

All our contractors are licensed and insured. Rest easy knowing your irrigation system is in good hands. With the training to compete lawn sprinkler repairs on time, we give you great results every time. After we complete the repairs, we'll give your irrigation system a final inspection. By paying close attention to this tuning process, we can prevent problems from occurring in the future. Our mission is to maintain the highest standards for your lawn.

If you need lawn sprinkler repairs or want to improve your irrigation system’s efficiency, contact Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation today. We’re delighted to offer a no-obligation consultation. Exceeding your expectation is what we do.