Irrigation System Repair in Rowlett

A functioning irrigation system is a great way to simplify lawn maintenance. But what happens when mechanisms fail? Landscaping projects, age, and the wear and tear of Rowlett’s weather can damage sprinkler heads, valves and pipes. If your irrigation system fails, your lawn won’t get the even watering it needs to thrive. Leaky pipes and sprinkler heads can turn some patches of your lawn into mud from overwatering.

Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation can replace and repair your irrigation system to keep your lawn looking its best. Trust professionals with years of experience in commercial sprinkler repairs. With a wide range of irrigation repair and maintenance services, there’s no sprinkler system we can’t fix.

Our Sprinkler and Irrigation System Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for all types of irrigation systems. Our process begins with thorough troubleshooting to diagnose the source of the problem. Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll repair or replace the damaged components right away. To guarantee quality workmanship, we then conclude with a final inspection. Our experienced professionals bring knowledge and expertise to irrigation repair.

Here are just some of our many repair services:

Sprinkler Head Repair

Our first step to sprinkler head repair is to find out which sprinkler heads are missing, broken or clogged. Sprinkler heads should uniformly spray their areas. If the head is constantly seeping water or spraying in the wrong direction, there's a problem. You want to avoid overwatering an area and turning your soil to mud. If the sprinklers are spraying water onto sidewalks, streets or walls, we’ll adjust them carefully to get the water where it needs to be.

Sprinkler Pipe and Valve Repair

We inspect your irrigation system for low pressure areas or leaks. If the pipes are crushed or otherwise damaged, we’ll repair or replace them right away. We also inspect valve covers, boxes and electrical wiring. All our contractors are licensed and trained to perform careful work on your property.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Our experts will test and inspect your backflow prevention device to make sure it works. If your irrigation system is connected to Rowlett’s water supply, you’re legally obligated to test the system annually. After we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll submit a report of our findings. If repairs are necessary, we’ll complete them right away.

Irrigation Controller Repair

If you’re seeing a spike in water usage or decreased efficiency, we’ll also troubleshoot your irrigation system controller. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as replacing the batteries or updating the date and time settings. In other cases, there might be a loose or damaged wire that we need to replace. If you’re concerned about water conservation, we'll monitor your system remotely to make sure it’s watering your landscape at the right time.

Save Time, Money and Resources with Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation’s Irrigation System Repair

Functional irrigation systems offer incredible savings. Not only do you save time spent on maintaining your lawn, you also conserve water. Our irrigation repair services allow you to reap the rewards of your investment. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!