Irrigation Installation in Rowlett

Do you dream of a lush commercial landscape but dread the thought of watering it? Get an attractive lawn without having to water it by hand with Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation’s irrigation systems. Installed by our experts, our irrigation systems add considerable value to your property. We tailor each project to your property’s needs to give you the best return on investment!

Our Irrigation Installation Services

Effective lawn and garden irrigation services begin during an initial consultation. Our experts will assess your property and discuss water needs depending on soil conditions, sunlight, and plant types. Different areas get different levels of sunlight throughout the day, and various plant types have unique needs.

To guarantee even coverage throughout your property, we create zones adjusted to suit the needs of your plant’s lives.

Lawn Irrigation Systems

A beautiful lawn adds value to your commercial property and draws business. If you need an effective watering solution for a sprawling lawn, choose a sprinkler installation. Our sprinkler installations are also ideal for new developments. Talk to us about your options!

Garden Irrigation Systems

Nothing welcomes guests to your property like a beautiful flower garden. To keep your greenery looking fresh and bright, you need a quality watering system. Get the best in garden irrigation with our impressive drip-line systems! Your plants will thrive!

The Benefits of Commercial Irrigation Systems

An automatic irrigation system improves the health of your plants and lawn. Irregular watering can stunt plant growth and result in patchy areas. Lawn irrigation systems maintain incredible consistency. Designed by Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation’s experts, your irrigation system grants full, even coverage.

More importantly, you can remotely control your lawn and garden irrigation. Set them on a timer and stop worrying about lawn maintenance. Our convenient and smart systems, free up your time so you can focus on the important things in life. With a commitment to customer service, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with our designs.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Irrigation Installations

It's important to think about the planet. If you want to run a sustainable business, you need lawn maintenance that puts the planet first. Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation cares about Rowlett’s environment. That's why we offer great ways to reduce water usage.

We provide sustainable solutions that help conserve water and limit runoffs. With recent advances in sprinkler system technologies, we’re pleased to offer some of the most efficient water sprinkler systems on the market. Save more than 30% of the water used by manual sprinkler systems. Prevent water waste and increase your savings today!

Let’s Get Started!

If you want a beautiful landscape with minimal effort, choose Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation’s lawn and garden irrigation systems. With professional installation services and competitive rates, we provide the best solutions for Rowlett businesses. After an installation, our experts will perform a final walkthrough and comprehensive inspection. We’ll also take the time to sit down with you and explain the ins and outs of your brand-new sprinkler system! Within no time, you’ll be able to make it rain over your lawn and keep your property looking great!

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate!