Irrigation Installation in Garland

For years, Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation has installed successful irrigation systems for businesses in Garland. We take pride in our work and want you to take pride in your property. With so many projects under our belts, we’ve developed an unbeatable workflow. When it comes to lawn and garden irrigation installation, there’s no beating our process.

Irrigation System Design

Most of our irrigation installation projects are for new offices or housing developments. Our designers develop detailed schematics based on your current landscaping plans. This way, we guarantee the most efficient irrigation system for your property. During the design phase, we also help you choose the right system and materials for your needs.

By developing a comprehensive irrigation plan, we can offer precise estimates for each project. Before we begin the installation, we go over every point in the design plan—with you—to make sure we’re all on the same page. If possible, we'll walk through the grounds with our clients and discuss what your landscape will look like. We tailor each of our designs to your specific needs.

Lawn Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler installation starts with quality preparation. For new developments, we work closely with plumbers to make sure we have access to the pipes around your property. Landscaping work can displace or damage sprinkler systems. That's why we install our lawn irrigation systems late in the development process. It’s safest to install our lawn irrigation systems once you already have your topsoil.

Depending on the size of your property, installation can take between a couple of days to a week. Keep in mind that Garland’s weather has a habit of being unpredictable. Poor weather conditions can sometimes delay operations. Our professionals do their best to keep the work moving, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Garden Irrigation Installation

When it comes to garden irrigation systems, the more detailed your landscaping plans are, the better. Drip irrigation systems offer incredible control when it comes to deciding how much water each plant should get. When we know what type of plants you’ll be adding to your property, we can determine how much water each one needs. This makes it easy to optimize your system. If your plants are already in place, we work carefully not to disrupt them during the installation process.

Irrigation System Quality Control

Depending on the project, we usually perform one or two rounds of quality control. The first takes place right after the installation to make sure everything is connected properly. If your landscaping is not already in place before our installation—usually the case for new developments—we’ll return once your grounds are complete. That’s when we’ll fine-tune the system to make sure the controllers are fully functional, and the system provides perfect coverage for your plants and lawn.

If you’re building a new commercial property, choose Medcalf Lawn & Irrigation's irrigation solutions. We'll take the hassle out of watering the lawn. No matter the size of the project, we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. Contact us today to get started!